We are established to help farmers grow more, scale up their business and earn more by giving them grants

We are working to achieve these Sustainable Development Goals

The 2019 Agro Grant Application is Open!

The disbursement of funds for those who registered between January and April is ongoing. While registration for the Second Batch for 2019 is on! REGISTER NOW! Registration closes on the 30th of July, 2019. Kindly note that registration/application fee is N5,200 only.

This is to gladly announce to the public that all that registered for the grant through this website in 2017/2018 has gotten their grant money!
Please note that the minimum amount per individual is to receive as grant money this year 2019 is N550,000 while the maximum is N2.4 Million.

What Agro Grants Is

We realized that agriculture is very profitable and the potentialities in the agricultural sector are tremendous. However, many farmers and agropreneurs are still poor, and can’t even scale their farm or business.

Most farmers has the capacity and knowledge to grow on a large scale, however, they can’t because of lack of funds. We encountered a fish farmer who lost over 10,000 fishes because he didn’t have money to buy feeds and other things to train the fishes to market size, his story is just one among thousands.

There are people that wants to go into the production, processing and distribution of agricultural goods and services but the major challenge is funding!

So this is what we do here at Agro Grants, we literally source for funds from International and local organisations. And we give or distribute these monies to farmers, wannabe farmers and those in the agricultural value chain through this platform (website) only.

The process that qualifies you to get a grant from us is simple. We had made the process very simple for everyone. All you need to do is to fill the Grant Application/Registration Form, immediately you fill the form and make your registration payment of N5,200, you will be immediately given your Grant Identity Number (GIN). Which without this Grant Identity Number, you wont be given your grant money. You will be contacted when the payment is about to be made into the bank account you provided during registration.

So you’re kindly advise to follow these simple instructions carefully.

If you have inquiries do well to send an email to info@agrogrants.com or better still use our live chat to chat with one of our super cool customer executive.

Some of our super donors and partners

Agro Grants Board of Advisers

Justice Georgina Theodora Wood

Abdulla Al Ghurair

Charlotte Osei

Mohammed “Mo” Gulamabbas Dewji

How to apply for Agro Grant

The application process is made very simple for everyone to have an opportunity to get a grant to grow more, scale up your business, and earn more. Apply now by following this simple process and get a grant money.

Become an Agro Grant Ambassador

This Award Plaque is given to every Agro Grant Ambassador

We are building a community, a tribe of people who are passionate about agriculture, people who will stand as advocate and influence others to venture into agriculture.
The whole essence of you becoming an Agro Grant Ambassador is simple. The more people we have in the agricultural sector, the unemployment rate will reduce and we will be able to solve hunger and food shortage problems.


1. You will receive an award plaque from us.
2. You automatically qualify to be part of the Train The Farmer Project, an all expense paid trip to Singapore.
3. Apart from getting the grant, you stand a chance of being linked to an investor.


Becoming an Agro Grant Ambassador is absolutely simple. Just follow the two steps below. 
1. You must first fully register for the grant.
2. Get at least ten (10) people to register fully by filling their Grant Application Form and paying their registration fee.
* While they register they must fill your correct name at the referral section.

Concerning this, if you have any inquiries do well to send an email to Info@agrogrants.com or you can chat with a customer representative executive using the live chat.

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